• Investments

    CDs Tiered interest paid quarterly; terms from three to 60 months.

    IRAs No monthly fee; traditional and Roth IRA available.

  • Insurance

    Term Life Insurance An affordable option to keep you covered.

    Accidental Death Up to $300,000 worth of coverage, no medical questions asked.

    Long-Term Care Be prepared for an unexpected illness or hospitalization.

    Auto Free, instant rate quotes from reputable carriers.

    • Added Benefits

      Looking for Financial Help? Our partnership with LPL financial will put you on the right track with investment services, insurance products and information access.

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All UHCU branches will be closed on Monday, May 29, in observance of Memorial Day. Branches will be open for normal business hours on Tuesday, May 30.

UHCU Insurance Services, LLC. Claim Information

You may contact your insurance company’s customer service or claims department directly.

American Brokerage Services

Customer Service: 888.227.3131

Berkshire Hathaway GUARD

Customer Service: 800.673.2465

Claims: 888.639.2567


Customer Service: 800.248.2275

Claims: 800.252.4670


Customer Service: 800.262.2000

Claims: 877.262.2727


Customer Service: 877.409.4799

Claims: 800.588.7400


Customer Service: 800.237.2060

Auto Claims: 800.274.7865

Non-Auto Claims: 800.527.3907


Customer Service: 800.392.2202

Claims: 877.437.6264


Customer Service: 800.624.5578

Claims: 800.236.0398


Customer Service: 800.782.1020

Claims: 800.334.1661


Claims: 877.707.7987


Customer Service: 800.638.5433

Claims: 800.638.5000


Customer Service: 877.776.2436

Claims: 800.274.4499

RLI Corp

Customer Service: 800.331.4929

Claims: 800.444.0406


Customer Service: .844.267.6023

Claims: 800.332.3226


Customer Service: 877.872.8737

Claims: 800.252.4633

Flood: 800.356.6670

UHCU Insurance Services, LLC. is a Credit Union Service Organization. Business conducted with UHCU Insurance Services, LLC. is separate and distinct from any business conducted with United Heritage Credit Union, its parent Credit Union. Insurance products offered by UHCU Insurance Services, LLC. are not (i) deposits of United Heritage Credit Union, its parent Credit Union or its partner Alloy Insurance Partners, therefore are not protected by the NCUA and are not exclusive to Credit Union members and (ii) an obligation of or guaranteed by UHCU Insurance Services, LLC., its parent Credit Union or its partner and may be subject to risk. Any insurance required as a condition of an extension of credit by United Heritage Credit Union need not be purchased from UHCU Insurance Services, LLC. and may be purchased from an agent or insurance company of the member’s choice.

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