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10 Home Décor Trends for 2020

The new year is always a good time to renew and refresh things in life.  With the dawning of a new decade as well, it’s a great time to look at updating your home!  Beat the winter blahs by revamping your space with some of the best new trends of 2020.
Natural Materials:  Sustainability has been an integral part of décor for a while, but this year it will be kicked up even more and shows no sign of slowing.  Bamboo, cane and linen create beautiful texture and durability in the home.  Bamboo has shown up in everything from flooring to fabric in the past decade and is now being used for room dividers, lamps and even as a household plant.  Similarly, cane is extremely durable, and its waterproof features make it ideal for use in a busy home without worry of it being easily ruined.  It is strong, inexpensive and lightweight and perfect for use if you want to bring more of the outside in.
Patterns in Bedding:  Changing the bedding is one of the easiest and most economical ways of updating any bedroom. The clean lines of the hotel look for the bedroom are being traded in for more color, pattern and texture in bedding.  While grey is still the perfect neutral, adding florals and even stark black and white adds more depth and character to the space.  Gone is the idea of matching bedding and coming in is pattern mixing. Varied cushions and pillows also bring visual interest without breaking the bank.
Blue:  Neutrals and soft pinks have been dominating walls and fabrics for the last few years, but now the darker tones are making a comeback.  The 2020 Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue, is accessible and easy to integrate into any fresh design.  Its tranquil hue makes it great for the bedroom or study, but also offers a bolder choice for kitchen design than the traditional white that has been the standard in recent years. 
Floral and greenery wallpaper:  Wallpaper has been coming back in a big way and nothing is more inviting than a classic floral pattern.  Florals allow just about any color to come into to play in a room and they provide a softer side to counter the hard edges in cabinetry and other furniture.  With the brighter patterns that are now available, it plays well with both the traditional and contemporary. Big, bold palm prints is also a winner when it comes to adding a playful air to a room.
Curved furniture: It’s not often that everyone seems to agree on a trend, but curved furniture, especially couches, are on everyone's radar for 2020.  The rounded pieces harken back to the 70's, but without the garish colors and not as much groove.  The curves are soft and not necessarily symmetrical, so they bring a lot of interest to a space.  If a new couch isn't in the budget, try for round end tables or oval mirrors.  If you love to combine new and vintage, this is an excellent place to blend the two styles.  
Canopy and four-poster beds: Along with the addition of patterned bedding, the addition of a canopy bed is going to bring lots of drama to the bedroom.  Today's beds aren't draped in fabric like those of old England, they’re sleek and slim lined for a very contemporary look.  Some even have upholstered headboards for an added element of interest.  For smaller rooms, a four-poster bed may be more practical, but will still add height and flair to the room.  Today's choices of metal and acrylic make these beds modern but will still make you feel like royalty!
Black:  If you were looking to bring a bold statement to your place, now is the time.  Black is being featured in kitchens, baths and even bedrooms this year.  Its versatile in that it can be used on walls, cabinetry and textiles and paired well with just about every other color on the spectrum.  The stark contrast of black and white allow for the space to still feel roomy and is a great choice for kitchen especially.  Black lower cabinets with white uppers for kitchens are bold and timeless and allow for the play of other colors for seasonal decorating.
Velvet: Traditionally, nothing says rich and luxurious like velvet.  The fabric has been making a comeback for the last few years, but this year marks its move to the forefront of home style.  It's been seen as heavy and oppressive in its dark hues in the past, but it's availability in just about any color now make it a great choice for a plush statement.  It's also surprisingly durable which makes it a fabulous choice in any living room.  If you are feeling adventurous, you can even add a printed velvet cushion into the mix.  The newer versions of the fabric have been featured with everything from botanical prints to dogs!
Tropical Touches: Not only are we seeing palms on wallpaper, but it's being seen on upholstery, art and, of course, houseplants.  If you don't have a green thumb, don't worry, you can get your plant fix with printed cushions, watercolor paintings or even bedding.  Rich blue-greens are often accompanied with softer greens or pinks for depth.  These touches pair well with the natural materials such as cane or rattan that are popular for their eco-friendly properties.
Graphic Tile:  If black and blue weren't enough to please your desire for statement interiors, graphic tiles may be just your style.  Today's tile is more than just durable flooring or functionality, it's also art!  Graphic tile is featured in kitchen backsplashes through geometrical patterns or hand painted choices that can make your space unique.  The bathroom has always been a home for tile, but with the addition of a graphical touch, it's even more transformative.  If you love the look of the tropics, you can even find large tile palms for your walls!
10 Home Décor Trends for 2020