In an era when online banking is becoming the standard, and people are logging on from a variety of mobile devices, it’s crucial that you and your accounts are protected against fraud. When it comes to your money and your personal information, privacy is paramount. Learn what United Heritage is doing to protect your identity and how you can protect yourself from financial fraud.

Report Fraud:

To report fraud on your UHCU account, or if you have any questions regarding account activity, give us a call. Contact Us
How to Protect Yourself

How to Protect Yourself

  • Always log out after accessing your account online or from a mobile device.
  • Never store personal information or passwords on your device.
  • Use caution when accessing your account via Wi-Fi, since hotspots can be compromised.
  • Never click links in spam emails.
  • Monitor your financial statements regularly to ensure no suspicious or unexplained activity is present; dispute any activity that looks suspicious as soon as possible.
  • Periodically check your credit report to ensure your personal information is accurate.
  • Never give your account number or social security number to others and do not send this information via email.

How We Protect You:

  • Account numbers are masked on transaction receipts and statements.
  • Proper identification is required for all transactions.
  • High security, such as multi-factor authentication, is utilized for all online/mobile transactions.
  • We offer secure contact via online messaging.
  • We offer instant issue debit cards so there is no risk of your debit card being lost in the mail.
  • We offer eStatements so that there is no paper trail to dispose of.
  • We never ask you via phone, text or email for your account number or social security number.
  • We allow you to password protect your account for in-person transactions.
  • We use secure, encrypted transmission for member/loan applications and secure eSignature for loan closings.

How We Protect You: