We understand there can be a lot of questions when it comes to finding the best way to manage your money. In order to provide you with as much useful and easy-to-find information as possible, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that cover a wide range of topics from banking basics to fraud protection to loan options.

Frequently Asked Questions


After the loan closing, how long will it be before funds are disbursed?

The timing of disbursed funds depends on the type of the loan.  Purchase loans and non owner occupied refinances often fund the same day as closing, while primary residence refinances and home equity loans have a 3 day waiting period prior to disbursement. 

How long does the pre-qualification process take?

A pre-qualification can be completed in as little as an hour depending on the complexity of your situation.

How much can I borrow on a United Heritage Home Equity loan?

Under Texas law, Home Equity Loans may not exceed 80% of the fair market value of the homestead, and one equity loan per 12-month period may be secured by the same homestead.

I received a letter about insurance on my home. What do I need to do?

United Heritage requires collateralized loans maintain appropriate insurance coverage. Please contact us to review your loan. In most cases, you will need to provide the updated insurance on your property.

Is 0% APR financing the best option to use when financing a new auto?

Most 0% APR financing offers do not allow the consumer to take advantage of rebates or other purchase price discounts. Using rebates and/or negotiating a lower purchase price and then financing the auto at a current market rate may actually save you money. Compare rebates and money saved off the original purchase price to the amount saved in finance charge to determine the best deal. You should also consider if you plan to keep the auto for the full financing period. Early pay off or trade in means the finance charge is much less overall, so once again, you save money by the discounted purchase price versus 0% APR financing.

What are the advantages of a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)?

Home equity line of credit, or HELOC, programs allow borrowers to access funds on established lines of credit as needed, facilitating the ability to better manage funds and minimize interest costs. The HELOC option also allows for flexible repayment options, which means more affordable payments for the home equity borrower. Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC, program draw period (or initial period) requires interest only payments on the amount advanced on the line reducing the minimum monthly payment and interest paid compared to interest on the full available line. Increased access to funds and repayment options, combined with the lower interest rates and potential tax savings associated with all home equity options, make the HELOC program an attractive option to borrowing for many Texas homeowners.

What is simple interest and how does it work?

Loans granted with United Heritage are assessed a finance charge by the simple interest method. This means that the interest due whenever a payment is made (regardless of due date) is calculated using the outstanding principal balance and the number of days between payments. The simple interest method allows you to reduce the finance charge on your loan over the term of the loan by: 1) making extra payments of any amount, 2) paying the regularly scheduled payment earlier than due and/or 3) paying the loan off early. Unlike some other lenders, United Heritage does not place all the interest due on the note at the front of the note. Your account statements display your annual percentage rate and your daily periodic loan rate. Using your daily rate, you can figure the interest that will be due when you make your next payment. Formula: Loan balance X periodic rate X number of days between payments. Example:
$ 11.43 Loan Balance
Periodic Rate showing on statement [each loan reflects it own rate]
Number of days between payments

What should I do if my home has sustained damage?

If United Heritage is the mortgage servicer on your property, we are the named mortgagee on your insurance proceeds check. The interest that we hold in the property allows us to oversee the repairs and disburse the insurance funds accordingly. In most instances the funds will be disbursed to you in 1/3 increments to cover the cost of the repairs as they are completed.

For larger damage claims, a property inspection may be required to ensure proper and complete reconstruction of the property. The inspections are obtained for our purposes only. When you contact United Heritage, we will need to review the insurance company's damage assessment/claim documentation and a detailed estimate from the contractor to review the scope of the work. We will also need a copy of the check from the insurance company.
If your insurance check exceeds your current outstanding balance, you have the option to pay off the loan. Please submit your written request to pay off your loan along with the fully endorsed check to us. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at 512.435.4545, 903.597.7484 or 800.531.2328.


What should I do if my vehicle has sustained damage?

If United Heritage is the lien holder on the vehicle, we are the named lien holder on the insurance proceeds check. The interest that we hold in the vehicle entitles us to oversee the repairs and disburse the insurance funds accordingly. In order to release the funds for repair on the vehicle, an accredited repair facility must submit a completed work order to the loan department for review. The insurance check will then be endorsed by UHCU and made payable directly to the repair facility and member. Any other requests for processing of insurance proceeds must be reviewed by a UHCU team associate.
If the insurance check exceeds the current outstanding balance, the member has the option to pay off the loan. Please submit a written request to pay off the loan along with the fully endorsed check to United Heritage Credit Union. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at 512.435.4545, 903.597.7484 or 800.531.2328.

What special interest rates are available on a Home Equity loan?

Expect a competitive interest rate at United Heritage. Loans are computed using simple interest (members only pay interest on the daily unpaid balance). There is never a pre-payment penalty or an application fee.

What type of property qualifies as collateral on a Home Equity Loan?

Homestead properties, including single-family residences; townhouses; condos; and some owner-occupied, two-unit residences, qualify. Mobile or manufactured homes, unimproved properties or timeshares do not qualify as collateral.

What types of loans does United Heritage offer?

At UHCU, we offer a full range of borrowing options for our members, all with competitive rates and flexible payment options. From new car loans and auto refinancing to home equity loans and personal loans, we have a loan for whatever you need. To see our full listing of loan options click here.

When can I close on a loan?

Texas law mandates Home Equity/HELOC loans cannot close earlier than 12 days after the notice of extension of credit is provided. Loans that are not Home Equity/HELOC cannot close within 7 business days of receipt of the loan estimate. A closed end loan (Non HELOCs) can close 3 business days after the receipt of the Closing Disclosure.


Are my accounts insured at United Heritage?

United Heritage accounts are insured up to the Standard Maximum Share Insurance Amount (SMSIA). The basic insurance amount is $250,000 per individual account holder, per account. This includes principal and posted dividends up to a total of $250,000. Joint account holders are insured up to $250,000 per joint account holder. For example, an account with two joint account holders is insured for $500,000 separately from the holders’ individual accounts. This includes principal and posted dividends. IRA accounts are insured, separate from other accounts, up to $250,000. Coverage may be extended by the type and structure of the account, such as joint, individual and retirement accounts. For more specific information, contact us at 512.435.4545.

Can I receive account information via email?

United Heritage offers many avenues for members to access personal account information without being at a branch. Members can contact the Telephone Service Center Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CST) for account information. Account information can also be accessed securely by using IN-TouchSM, our 24-hour automated account information phone system, or Online Banking at www.uhcu.org. United Heritage does not recommend members provide personal information by way of email, and does not release personal information by way of email. However, email can be utilized to bring attention to a problem, or ask questions that may be answered with transaction specific information. United Heritage reserves the right to limit information release, even if you give permission for the information to be released through a potentially unsecured method.

Do I need to have overdraft protection on all of my United Heritage accounts?

While it isn’t mandatory for our accounts, we highly recommend you opt-in for Overdraft Protection for all of your accounts. If there isn’t enough money in the designated account to cover a purchase, the transaction will be denied unless you authorize us to make the payment by opting-in to Overdraft Protection.

How are financial institutions and consumers impacted by The USA PATRIOT Act?

Consumers and financial institutions are most impacted by the personal identification (ID) portion of the Act, which is designed to reduce the possibility of consumer identity theft. Instances of identity theft have increased in recent years and the Act, along with its Homeland Security features, strives to reduce the possibility of identity theft for each consumer. Financial institutions have the responsibility of verifying and documenting the identity of consumers opening new accounts. Consumers have the responsibility, when opening a new account with a financial institution, of providing acceptable ID and a physical address to verify their identity.

How does my credit score impact my credit and financial future?

A personal credit score is a number that reflects the credit history, debt levels and other credit related items of each consumer. The score represents an individual's creditworthiness. Lenders and other service providers utilize this score as a risk factor indicator and may determine their lending rate or service based on the amount of risk the score represents. The impact on a consumer may be higher loan interest repayment rates or higher service rates if their personal credit score is deemed to indicate a higher financial risk. The timely repayment of debts owed and appropriate management of credit resources allows each consumer the best lending and service rates available in the financial market. For more information on financial tips click here.

How do I change the address on my account?

Address changes can be made via Online Banking once you log in to your account, or by mail. If you’ll be mailing in your address change, you’ll need to fill out and sign an address change request and send it to: PO Box 202020, Austin, Texas 78720. Please note that proof (piece of mail or an updated license) will be required if the account has been opened less than 60 days.

How do I ensure wire and ACH transfers are properly credited to my account?

Make sure you provide your name as it appears on your account, your full account number (13 digits, also called your MICR) and the routing number of the credit union – 314977188. If you have a checking account with United Heritage, your MICR displays on the bottom of your checks. If you need additional information, give us a call.

How do I know which United Heritage checking account is best for me?

Everyone’s financial goals are unique. UHCU has developed a variety of accounts to help each member meet their financial goals. To see all the accounts we offer and their respective features, click here.

How do I order checks?

Ordering checks is fast and simple. When you’re running low click here and fill out the necessary information, and a new box of checks will be delivered to you.

How do I report a lost or stolen Debit or ATM card?

To report lost or stolen debit cards during business hours, call 512.435.4545. To report a lost or stolen debit card after hours, please call 888.241.2510. If you are out of the country, call 909.941.1398.

How do I see what United Heritage’s rates are?

In order to see a full listing of rates for our products and services, please refer to our Rates & Fee Schedule. For information on our loan rates, please contact a loan specialist at 512.435.4444.

How do I set up automatic transfers?

Automatic or recurring transfers can be set up via Online Banking or through IN-TouchSM. Automatic transfers allow you to deposit a specified amount into a different account on a recurring basis, as well as make payments toward a loan.

How do I set up direct deposit?

To set up direct deposit, you’ll need to provide your employer with your full 13-digit account number (your MICR) and the routing number for United Heritage – 314977188. Once your employer submits the required paper work, your payroll checks will be deposited directly into your account, giving you immediate access to your funds

How do I set up Web BillPay?

You can set up Web BillPay through Online Banking. To view our Online Banking Guide, which contains helpful information about Web BillPay, visit our Online Banking page.
To set up Web BillPay you’ll need your Online Banking PIN number. If you do not know, or have not yet set a PIN, contact the Telephone Service Center to create one.
512.435.4545 / 903.597.7484 / 800.531.2328
Press 0 for a Telephone Service Representative

I work late and use the night deposit box to make my deposits. When will my deposits be credited to my account?

Each United Heritage branch has a convenient night deposit box. Make sure when using one of these boxes that you complete the night deposit envelope, which allows you to detail how you want your transaction completed. Each transaction placed in the night deposit box is posted to the appropriate account the following business day. If you place a deposit in the box during the day, it will not be posted until the following business day. As a reminder, this information is posted on the night deposit box.

Sometimes my VISA Debit Card or ATM card gets declined when I know there are sufficient funds in my account. What causes this?

Visa Debit and ATM cards rely on an electronic communication system to operate correctly. United Heritage is part of that network, as is any card provider. Anytime phone lines are used for this type of communication, circumstances that have nothing to do with the status of the card or account may interfere. Some of these problems include:
1) If a high number of merchants are using the system at once, the transaction may be declined because it did not reach the authorization system within the time allotted. Resubmitting the request is okay, and will normally result in approval. Any delay in timing may cause the card to decline.
2) Phone line static may cause a request to be declined. Resubmitting the request is okay, and will normally result in approval.
3) The dark strip on the back of each card is magnetized. Placing it near a magnet or on a de-magnetizer pad at a merchant can cause the card to malfunction. Many merchants use a de-magnetizer to remove security devices. If this occurs, that card can be replaced or reinitialized at any United Heritage branch location.
4) Washing the card can de-magnetize it. If it gets washed and then does not work, the card may need to be replaced.

What can I do to protect myself against identity theft?

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States, and includes many forms: financial (checking and/or credit card fraud), criminal, governmental and medical. Identity theft is a crime in which an imposter obtains key pieces of personal identifying information such as Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers and uses them for their own personal gain. This can start with a lost or stolen wallet, computer viruses, or discarded paper documents.
There are two important precautions consumers can use to protect themselves. First, be aware of your financial account activity. Second, be aware of the latest trends in identity theft, such as phishing. Phishing is one of the latest ways to obtain personal information through fraudulent email and websites, and is most employed in the financial sector. Never provide any personal or financial information online. Any financial institution you do business with will already have your personal information. Being aware of phishing and other recent trends is the most proactive and way to protect yourself against identity thieves. Learn how to use technology safely and make yourself aware of those situations that could lead to identity theft. Visit our Security Center for helpful information and updates on the latest security threats.

What does “payable on death” (POD) mean?

When you set up an account, you designate what happens to your funds when you pass away. If you name a POD for your account, that person or entity receives the funds from your account outside any arrangements you made in your will.

What factors should I consider when deciding between using my debit card versus a credit card?

Consumers should be cautious of using debit cards for certain purchases. Using your debit card over the internet potentially allows unauthorized access to your checking account. Internet transactions are better handled with credit or reloadable cards. In addition, airline tickets, rental cars, hotel reservations, and most purchases over the telephone are areas in which the debit card is not recommended. Many hotel, airline and rental car companies will process a verification transaction for 50 percent above the original amount. This is to ensure that if prices change, you stay an extra day in the hotel or go over your allotted miles in a rental car, the funds or available credit will be sufficient for the new amount. A credit card is more efficient in handling these transactions and will not tie up funds in your checking account, causing other checks to bounce or denying you access to cash.

What happens to automatic debit card payments I set up with a merchant?

That depends on how the merchant submits the item. If the merchant submits the item as a recurring payment and funds are not available, the item will qualify for payment if you opted in to Courtesy Pay. If the merchant does not submit the item as a recurring payment and you opted out of Courtesy Pay, the item will not be paid and the transaction will be declined.

What is an everyday debit card transaction?

Everyday transactions include one-time purchases made using your personal VISA Debit Card at grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and other merchants. This also includes one-time purchases or payments made online or by phone.

What is Check 21 and does it affect me?

In the aftermath of 9/11 and delays in check processing, Congress was encouraged to evaluate check-processing procedures. The new Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, otherwise known as Check 21, became effective October 28, 2004. It creates the legal framework and authorized use of an electronic substitute check in place of an original check. At the point of acceptance, an image of the original document is transmitted to the processor, which creates the substitute check from a scan of the original. Since the substitute check is now in an electronic format, the processing time is much shorter, therefore consumer checks may clear within a matter of days. Now more than ever it is important for consumers to have sufficient funds when writing checks so as to not incur insufficient fund charges. In addition, when consumers receive monthly statements, view checks online or request a copy of a check, those documents may not be the original, but the authorized substitute check. This technology enabled advances like remote deposit capture, in-branch check imaging and shorter hold times.

What is Courtesy Pay?

Courtesy Pay protection is assistance in the case that you do not have enough funds in your account, and it comes in two forms: checks and ACH debits, and debit cards. Courtesy Pay can cover a check, recurring debit transaction or ACH debit pulled from your account, but these overdrafts are paid at the discretion of United Heritage. In terms of your debit card, Courtesy Pay is an opt-in service (you must request the service) that will cover overdrafts including your everyday debit cards transactions. This means that your daily transactions will go through (no embarrassing declines), but you’ll still be charged an overdraft fee of up to $34. Remember, UHCU reserves the right to cover charges at our discretion. Members must be approved for Courtesy Pay; Choice Checking accounts are ineligible for Courtesy Pay within the first 12 months of membership. 

What is Online Banking?

Online Banking enables you to access your account 24/7. Through Online Banking, you can view your account information and perform a variety of transactions, such as ordering checks, transferring money between accounts, paying bills and downloading account histories. It is a free service for all UHCU members. To learn more, click here.

What is overdraft protection, and why do I need it on my account?

An overdraft occurs when you do not have sufficient funds in your account to cover a transaction. If you opt-in to Overdraft Protection, United Heritage will still cover the transaction. If you don’t have enough money to make a purchase or pay for an unexpected emergency, your consent allows us to consider authorizing and paying the transaction using our discretionary Courtesy Pay service. It is important to understand that even though UHCU covers the transaction, it is still your responsibility to bring your account back into good standing.

What kind of services does United Heritage offer for small businesses?

We offer our small business members a variety of services that include Business Checking Accounts, Business Savings Accounts, credit cards, merchant services and commercial lending loans. To see more of what we can do for your small business click here.

What kinds of Checking Accounts does United Heritage offer?

UHCU offers four unique Checking Accounts to fit our members’ unique needs. Whether you’re looking for totally free checking or an account for your teen, we have an account to fit your needs. To compare our Checking Accounts click here.

What kinds of Savings Accounts does United Heritage offer?

We offer six Savings Accounts to our members, each with a unique set of features. From saving for the holidays or setting aside money for your child’s educational future, we have an account that’s perfect for you. To compare all of our Savings Accounts click here.

Why do I have to provide identification when performing a transaction?

Requesting identification for each transaction protects you, ensuring that your private information remains under your control. We want to ensure that only individuals named on an account receive account information.

Why do I see holds on my account when I use my VISA Debit Card?

The Visa Debit Card offered through United Heritage allows members to access their checking account to make purchases or get cash at any location that accepts VISA or any ATM card. When a merchant processes the request, the amount of the transaction being charged is placed on hold within your checking account. This amount remains on hold until the transaction clears your account. If you make a purchase for $25.00, that amount is held in your account, and cannot be used for any other purchase or to clear a check presented on your account, as the $25.00 has already been spent. The merchant is authorized to receive that payment and the funds are reserved for that transaction. When the transaction is processed, normally within two business days, the funds on hold pay the merchant for the transaction. This authorization places that amount on hold in your account until the charge comes in. Other transactions or checks presented cannot be withdrawn from the funds on hold. If the charge doesn’t come in for any reason (i.e. you decided to use a different method of payment), the hold will normally drop off the account in about two business days. Be aware that any debit card number can be used without the card being present, so it is important to safeguard the card number as you would the card. Please note: United Heritage does not recommend using a Visa Debit Card for a reservation transaction, however, if you use the VISA Debit Card to reserve a hotel room or rent a car, the merchant has the right to process the estimated amount you may charge.


As a full-time employee, when do my benefits kick in?

Full-time and part-time benefits become available by the first day of the month following the completion of the employee’s 90-day orientation period.

Does United Heritage offer training to new employees?

If offered a job, UHCU provides a combination of classroom and on-the-job training. In a classroom setting you’ll learn the skills required to be successful on the job, however, the majority of training will be learned in the working environment.

How can I see what positions are available?

In order to view open positions at all United Heritage branches, visit the Careers page.

How do I apply for an open position?

To apply, you must completely fill out our online application here. It is important to fill out the application completely. Please do not attach a resume in lieu of filling out the online application.

About UHCU

Can I tell if my small business is eligible for membership?

Securing a United Heritage membership for your small business couldn’t be easier. If you’re a current member of UHCU or have ever been a member, your business is eligible. Your business is also eligible if it is located in any of the following counties: Travis, Williamson, Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Smith or Wood. For more information on business eligibility requirements click here.

Does United Heritage provide members with financial tips or advice?

In an effort to keep our members educated on their finances and prepared for their financial future, we’ve put together a collection of helpful articles that cover a range of topics, which include fraud protection, building wealth, building credit and investing. Our Life Event section covers everything from saving for college and beginning your career to starting a family and coping with the loss of a loved one.

Does United Heritage use social media?

Yes! As active participants in our communities, we are continually looking for ways to interact with and positively impact our members and the communities we serve. In order to keep you well informed on the latest at UHCU, we use a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYouTube and LinkedIn. Follow us and stay connected to learn more about our upcoming events, current news and financial tips.

How can I tell if I’m eligible for membership?

Becoming a member of United Heritage is easy. In order to qualify for membership, you need to live, work, attend school or own a business in any of the following counties: Travis, Williamson, Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Smith or Wood. You can also become a member if you’re related to a UHCU member. For more information on eligibility requirements click here.

What is the difference between a bank and a credit union?

When you belong to a credit union you’re a member of a not-for-profit financial institution. This means that any profits made go back into the credit union in the form of better rates and lower fees for all members, who own and control the credit union. Credit unions offer many – and, in some cases all – of the same products and services offered by for-profit banks including, checking, savings, loans, and online banking. Credit unions, including United Heritage, even have their own nationwide ATM network. Today’s credit unions remain unique financial institutions with a “not-for-profit but for service” operating philosophy. Annual polls show that credit unions lead the financial community year after year by providing top quality personal service to millions of Americans. A federally insured credit union, United Heritage keeps pace with the needs of our members by offering a variety of products and services.

Where can I view United Heritage’s full Privacy & Disclosures statements?

To see our full Privacy & Disclosures statement click here.

Hot Topics

Does United Heritage keep my Internet address when I visit the UHCU website?

United Heritage does not retain your address or domain when you access our website. We do maintain a counter for visits to the site, but do not retain the address or origin of these visits. See our Internet Privacy Statement on the Privacy & Disclosures page of this website for more information. Other sites may collect personal information when you visit them. For example, they may collect personal information from you when you provide billing information or send an email. Some sites may also send you a cookie* to collect data on your Internet usage and preferences. When you click on advertisements at some sites, the advertising company may also send you a cookie. As a general rule, you should always look for and review a site’s privacy policy before giving out any personal information.
*A cookie is a very small text file sent by a web server and stored on your hard disk in your browser so that it can be read back later. Cookies cannot "read" information about you from your computer or be used to "steal" information about you; cookies don't carry viruses; and cookies are not programs that can perform functions on your computer. Cookies are a basic way for a server to identify you (most cookies actually identify the computer you happen to be using at the time, not you personally), and cookies are used for many things from personalizing start up pages to facilitating online purchases. To learn more about our online security click here.

How does United Heritage protect my account against fraudulent VISA Debit Card transactions?

United Heritage uses Falcon Fraud Manager to better protect our members. With the Falcon Fraud detection system, you receive continual monitoring of your card activity to help identify and prevent fraudulent transactions on your account. If Falcon Fraud Manager believes there are suspect transactions occurring on a member’s account, Falcon will contact the cardholder directly. A Falcon representative will call to verify transactions on a United Heritage Visa Debit Card.
24/7 monitoring allows for rapid cardholder contact to verify suspicious activity and temporarily block card transactions if you cannot be reached. If you have any questions about a call you receive, contact the United Heritage Credit Union card services department at 512.435.4545, 903.597.7484 or 800.531.2328.

Is Online Banking safe? How does United Heritage protect my private information?

Your protection is paramount for us, and this is true for our Online Banking feature as well. United Heritage does not retain your address or domain when you access our website. We do maintain a ‘counter’ for visits to our site, but do not retain the address or origin of these visits. To utilize our online system, members must sign in using an authorized User ID and Password. This system is secure. Members may obtain personal information and make financial transactions, as allowed by the system. Transactions performed while on this system are recorded within the account database. UHCU offers secure encrypted email through Online Banking once a member is appropriately signed in to the system. For more information, click here.

What is Mobile Banking, and how do I use it?

Mobile Banking lets you access your account anytime, anywhere from your mobile device using the UHCU Mobile App. The app allows you to perform a variety of banking transactions, locate branches/ATMs and more. To learn more, visit our Mobile Banking page.

Product Offerings

Does United Heritage offer insurance?

To help keep our members protected, we’ve partnered with insurance experts that will work hard to get you the coverage you need. To see our full range of insurance options click here.

Help & Support

How do I log in to Online Banking?

You can log in to Online Banking from any page of our website. An Online Banking password is required. If you don’t already have a password, you can create one by contacting the Telephone Service Center or via IN-TouchSM. You cannot access Online Banking with your ATM or Debit Card PIN. If you are unable to log in to Online Banking, click here.

Telephone Service Center:
512.435.4545 / 903.597.7484 / 800.531.2328
Press 0 for a Telephone Service Representative
Press 3 to access IN-TouchSM

My Account

I received a Privacy Notice with my statement. What is it, and do I need to do anything with it?

United Heritage believes that personal information provided, collected or obtained about each member of the credit union is private. Privacy regulations require all financial institutions and some other types of businesses to tell their members how personal information retained by these businesses is gathered and released. Due to this new regulation, you most likely will receive a privacy notice from a number of sources. You should read each notice, as they will all be different depending on the information handling practices of each business.
Read our notice. That’s really all you have to do. UHCU does not give, sell or release personal information to others, and the notice provides our practices in the required format. Even though UHCU isn’t required to, we allow our members to decide whether or not they want to receive UHCU marketing mailings. If you decide that you do not want the credit union to release your name for marketing purposes to companies the credit union does business with, complete the opt-out form and return it to us. You will still receive your scheduled account statements, newsletters or statement stuffers that may contain United Heritage marketing materials. Although you should retain a copy of the Privacy Notice for your records, additional copies are available in branch lobbies and on the website.