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Beware of Ongoing Telephone, Text Message Scams

In response to a variety of recent telephone and text message scams, United Heritage Credit Union wants to remind members of the common signs associated with financial scams so members can prevent themselves from becoming victims.

Please note that legitimate companies will never contact you via phone call or text message to ask for any sensitive information such as your banking credentials, payment card numbers and Social Security number. It is important that you never give your personal information to someone you do not trust.

Keep reading to find out more about three scams that United Heritage members have recently reported.

National Credit Union Association Scam

Members should be aware of a potential scam in which someone claiming to be with the National Credit Union Association calls threatening legal action.

The caller in this scam states the Association will be suing the member on behalf of United Heritage for an erroneous deposit made to the member's account. The caller also tells the member that the Association has tried to contact the member via one of the member's outdated email addresses. A possible phone number associated with this scam is 904.404.8836.

The federal agency that regulates credit unions is the National Credit Union Administration. No legitimate agency is associated with the group claiming to be the National Credit Union Association. Additionally, the National Credit Union Administration does not reach out to credit union members. 

Nation Credit Union Services Scam

A number of United Heritage members have recently received automated calls requesting card information from someone claiming to be with Nation Credit Union Services.
The automated message informs members that their card has been blocked and in order to activate it, they must press the indicated number and enter their card number. The area code of at least one phone number associated with the scam is 888.

Nation Credit Union Services is not a legitimate company. Please do not give out any personal or financial information to a source you do not know or trust.

NCUA Alert Scam

United Heritage has also been alerted to another scam in which members receive a text message from “NCUA Alert” asking for a return phone call. The message says, “This message is to 512-XXX-XXXX from NCUA Alert please call us back at 844-234-5445.”

If you receive the message above or a similar one, do not respond to it and do not call the number provided. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) does not request personal or financial information in this manner.

You should not open or reply to any text message you suspect is part of a scam. If you have already opened it, do not click any links or attachments, and do not provide any personal or financial information.

Velocity Credit Union Scam

In another reported scam, Velocity Credit Union members and non-members have received a text message that reads "Velocity Credit Union Alert for 512XXXXXXX. Contact 844-402-2726." When members call the number, they are informed their cards have been disabled.

The alert is not coming from Velocity Credit Union. Credit unions will never contact you via phone call or text message to ask for your account or payment card information. 

If you have any questions regarding activity on your account or need to report fraud, call United Heritage Credit Union at 512.435.4545, 903.597.7484 or 800.531.2328.
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