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How to Browse Smart Online

As banking and shopping online are increasingly becoming the norm, United Heritage Credit Union reminds members to use caution when online. Taking a few simple precautions can help you stay safe.

1. Check the URL

Before signing in to any site, look at the URL to make sure you're on the correct website. For instance, uhcu.org is not the same as unitedheritagedirect.org. If you notice the URL is not the one you intended, do not sign in or provide any information about yourself.

2. Ensure the Site is Secure

URLs that begin with https are safer than ones that begin with http (no 's'). URLs that begin with http are not secure, meaning any information you provide could be intercepted by a third party. If you're signing in to an account, ensure the URL begins with https.

Another way to see if the transmission of information will be secure is to check for a lock icon near the address bar. Sometimes the lock is to the left of the URL (e.g. Google Chrome), while other times it's to the right (e.g. Internet Explorer). The lock confirms that any information you provide to the site will be transmitted privately.

3. Be Wary of Links

If you receive an email from a source you do not trust, do not click any links or attachments contained within that email. The same goes for websites – if you're not sure if a link is safe, do not click it.

Many scammers use clickable links and attachments to trick people into downloading programs that will hurt their computer or steal their information.

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