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Presidents Day 2021: Get the Best Car Deals

There’s no better way to honor the birth of our first president, George Washington, than to spend a few pieces of paper adorned with his image. And the best place to get the biggest bang for that buck is at a car dealership during the Presidents Day holiday! Even though the holiday isn’t until February 15, it isn’t too early to start shopping now so that you can get the best deals. Some dealerships will start their sales as early as the 2nd of the month, so don’t worry about waiting if you happen to find that perfect ride before the holiday! If you’ve decided that you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ve got some tips for getting the best deal possible.

Last Year’s Models

You may find some great prices on models from last year that are still on the lot. Dealers will be motivated to make room for new stock, so if you are open to buying a 2020 model, now is your time. You may get an even better deal if the model you are interested in has been redesigned for 2021. You’ll still get that new car smell with a lower price.

Consider Used Cars

Many dealerships will offer discounts on certified pre-owned vehicles during the holiday sale. Buying used means that you won’t lose as much value on the car as you would on a new model. You may also find that insurance rates will be lower and that you’ll need a lower down payment for the car than on a 2021 make. We’ve got you covered for loans for used autos with great competitive rates!

Down Payment

Consider using any tax refund for a down payment. Having a down payment can make a huge dent in future loan payments, so try putting as much up front on the automobile as you can.


We always encourage our members to get pre-approval for an auto loan before beginning to car shop. Knowing your buying power before walking into a dealership makes the process faster and potentially less stressful, because you’ll know your budget before you get your heart set on an automobile that could be out of your price range. United Heritage is always ready to help you get a loan without additional stress and to do so quickly, so you can snag that great car deal as soon as possible.

Other Costs

Remember that even though dealerships advertise lots of great discounts, they often attempt to add other charges to the base price of the car like warranties and detail packages. Make sure you are prepared for potential add-ons while you are deciding on the best auto for you. Also, consider the cost of insuring and registering your new car when you are adding up the total cost.

Contact one of our loan specialists today if you are in the market for a new automobile. Our fast and easy loan process can get you into that new car in no time at all, and our specialists are ready and waiting to help you!

Presidents Day 2021: Get the Best Car Deals
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