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Reminder: Phishing Phone Calls + Security Pop-Ups

We want to inform our members that we have received reports of UHCU members receiving "Security" pop-ups asking them to call an out-of-area phone number, which is connected to fraudsters. The fraudsters who answer indicate that they are a United Heritage representative and begin asking the member to verify certain personal information. We will never call to request this information from our members, including your PIN and CVV on your card. We will also never ask for your assistance with any kind of investigation.

We want to remind members to use caution when they receive unexpected phone calls from their financial institutions and when they receive messages or pop-ups while on the internet. Some fraudsters have even asked members to purchase gift cards with large amounts of cash withdrawn from their UHCU accounts. These calls and interactions are not from United Heritage Credit Union. These are fraudulent attempts to collect your personal information, access your account and/or have victims send money from their accounts using gift cards. Read more about scammers requesting gift cards on the FTC's website here.

If you receive a call regarding your UHCU account that you believe may be fraudulent, you can tell the person that you are going to call the number on the UHCU website to verify what you are being told. You can reach United Heritage Credit Union directly at 512.435.4545, 800.531.2328 or 903.597.7484.

Please note: Representatives may need to verify certain personal details when you contact United Heritage in order to discuss account details.

Reminder: Phishing Phone Calls + Security Pop-Ups