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Stay Vigilant and Avoid Scams: Protecting Yourself on Social Media

As the holiday season approaches, United Heritage Credit Union is spreading cheer with an exciting giveaway on our social media platforms. However, amidst the festive spirit, scammers are lurking, attempting to prey on unsuspecting participants. We has issued a clear warning about these fraudulent attempts, but it's crucial for all followers to remain vigilant and educated.

Scammers' Tactics: Luring with False Promises
Scammers are posing as UHCU representatives, commenting on giveaway posts with enticing messages claiming that you've won. They may even use UHCU's name and profile photo to appear authentic. These messages often include links, urging you to click to claim your prize.

Protect Yourself: Avoid Phishing Links
Resist the urge to click on any links provided by these unofficial accounts. Clicking on these links could lead to phishing websites designed to steal your personal information, including your credit card details. Remember, UHCU will never ask for credit card information through social media comments.

Legitimate Communication Channels
UHCU will only notify winners via email or phone call on specific dates noted in posts or on our website. If you receive a message claiming you've won through a comment, it's a scam. Do not engage with the scammer. Instead, contact UHCU directly through their official channels to verify your status.

Simple Steps for Safe Social Media Engagement

  1. Verify Account Authenticity: Check the sender's profile picture and account name. Ensure it matches UHCU's official account.
  2. Beware of Urgent Requests: Scammers often create a sense of urgency to pressure you into acting without thinking.
  3. Never Share Sensitive Information: UHCU will never ask for personal or financial information through social media comments.
  4. Report Scams Promptly: Alert UHCU about any suspicious comments or messages you encounter.
  5. Do Not Click on Links in the Comments: To protect yourself from phishing scams, resist the urge to click on any links provided by unofficial accounts in the comments section.

Enjoy the Holiday Giveaway Without Worry
While participating in the giveaway, remember to prioritize your safety. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the holiday spirit without falling prey to scammers' schemes. Remember, United Heritage Credit Union takes the safety of its members very seriously and has implemented a number of measures to prevent scammers from using our social media platforms to commit fraud. These measures include monitoring posts, setting up commenting parameters, and using Facebook's moderation tools. We are committed to protecting our members and ensuring that they have a safe and positive experience on our social media platforms. 

Stay Vigilant and Avoid Scams: Protecting Yourself on Social Media
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