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UHCU Mobile App Android Update: Mobile Deposit Photos

As we continue to evolve our digital services, we wanted to make our Android users aware of an update coming soon to the UHCU Mobile App. This update is specific to the Mobile Deposit feature within the app and how users will take photos of their checks going forward.

Currently, there is a blue button in the bottom, right corner that users tap to take photos of the front and back of their checks. With the new update, that button will be removed and users will just tap anywhere within the photo box to capture the image of their check. We hope this helps make depositing a check even easier!

Please review the screenshots below to familiarize yourself with the updated mobile check deposit photo capturing process.

What users see when capturing the front of their check:


What users see when capturing the back of their check:

Users have the option to retake their photo(s) by selecting Retake. If they're ready to submit, users can select Use Image:
What users will see when they're ready to deposit their check:

Tip: Users can tap either photo (front or back) at this step to retake the photo(s).
UHCU Mobile App Android Update: Mobile Deposit Photos
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