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Bash Bug: What You Need to Know

Security experts have recently discovered a flaw in the system software used within most internet-connected devices –even Mac computers. Shellshock affects the Bash application, software that translates your commands into something your device's operating system can understand (this is why the vulnerability is being dubbed the "Bash Bug"). Shellshock is a gateway for hackers to add malicious information to your device as you make commands and execute programs. The system flaw even means there is a possibility that attackers could implement threatening commands on web servers and other Linux-based machines.

Many security researchers are warning that the Bash Bug could be as big a vulnerability, if not bigger, than the Heartbleed Bug discovered in April. However, unlike the Heartbleed Bug, which required users to change their passwords for various websites and internet services, there is no comparable or easy fix for the Shellshock flaw. In most cases, it will be up to system administrators and software companies to issue patches.

The United Heritage Credit Union website server is not impacted by the Bash Bug. We will keep you updated with the latest information regarding security vulnerabilities and how they might impact you. For more information on the Bash Bug, please visit the Bank Info Security site.