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Buying a Home from Home

In the past, buying a home remotely was usually reserved for special cases such as vacation homes or because of a relocation. However, given our new norm of social distancing, buying a new home from the comfort of your living room is becoming increasingly more popular. In the past, sellers have been able to take advantage of remote closings, but now buyers have plenty of opportunity to purchase from a distance as well. We will walk you through some things to consider when you start your home-buying adventure.

Perhaps the most important part of buying your home remotely is having an excellent lender in your corner. Even with that professional help, doing your own research is essential. Take time to research the neighborhoods you are interested in, builders who appeal to you if considering a new home, and the possibility of the commute to your new place. Even if you don’t plan on having children, school systems can influence future property values. The homebuying process can take months, so getting an early start is your best bet.

Getting pre-qualified for financing will give you a good idea of what you can afford in your home search. Pre-qualification also shows potential sellers that you are serious in your search for the perfect home. A UHCU Loan Specialist can help guide you through the application and the entire mortgage process. Our pre-qualification can be approved in as little as one hour! You can also apply easily through our website. We have no application fees and with our competitive rates, we can help you easily finance your dream home.

With financing secured, it is time to begin your search! By knowing what exactly you are looking for in your new home it will make the search much easier. Make a list of the features or must-haves, what schools or communities you are interested in. Do you want to be in a suburban area? Quiet serene country? Walkable urban area?

When you have compiled the listings you are interested in, be prepared to do some virtual walk-throughs. Set aside time to Skype or FaceTime so that you can actually see the places you are interested in by doing real-time walk-throughs. You may even want a tour of the neighborhood.

When you find the perfect home and decide that the time is right to make an offer, remember that you can add a contingency clause to see the home before closing. You'll also want to make sure that you get an inspection on the home. The inspector will help in finding any issues and recommend what repairs should be done.

Finally, you will be all set for closing on that home you've been dreaming of, though you may be asked to supply additional financial documents, so plan on having these easily accessible during this time. Your UHCU Loan Specialist will be prepared to help you during each step of the way.

Buying a home doesn't have to be scary or intimidating with the right professionals there to help you. No matter how you decide to search and buy for that place you'll call home, UHCU is there to help during every step of the way. Contact us today to get started on your dream of owning a home of your very own!

Buying a Home from Home
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