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Credit Union Auto Loans - More Than Just a Loan

One of the most exciting parts of shopping for a new car is the seemingly endless options available. You’ve got heated seats, cooled steering wheels and third row options galore, but you also have the option to choose your lender. Financing options are abundant and available through credit unions, banks and even the dealerships themselves, but your best bet is United Heritage Credit Union! Sure, our auto loans offer some of the lowest rates around and we pride ourselves on offering loans that feature flexible terms, but perhaps the best thing about getting an auto loan through UHCU is the fact that you’ll receive our amazing service and a partner for your ongoing financial needs!

Choosing UHCU is more than just choosing a new bank, we’re a partner for your financial future. Banking at a credit union offers much more than just the banking features that we are known for. Credit unions work for you, our members, not stockholders or other financial entities. Each member is a shareholder which means you’re not just a customer, but you’ve got ownership in the credit union.

Credit unions are not only member owned; they are not-for-profit as well. This means that we don’t need to charge high fees or have high rates to pad the bottom line. Our investments are in our membership and our savings are passed on to you with lower rates.

While you may be looking to us for an auto loan that meets your financial needs, you’ll also enjoy all the perks of membership. Becoming a member is quick and easy. Even easier, a lending specialist will handle your membership details for you during the loan process. Membership is available across Texas or have a family member who is already a UHCU member.

You’ll be able to take advantage of our auto loans for both new and used cars, but we also offer refinancing for automobiles to take advantage of our lower rates or to get a lower monthly payment than your current loan may offer. Refinancing is available for your vehicle loans from other financial institutions or dealerships. Our loan specialists are experts at getting you the right loan for your specific situation. Our outstanding personalized service is the cornerstone of our business, so we’ll walk you through every part of the loan process.

Our website also features several tools to make the car buying experience easier than ever. You can estimate payments with our Auto Loan Calculator. This is a great tool for comparing interest rates and monthly payments! If you are ready to shop, we recommend getting pre-qualified through our website. The pre-qualification process is quick, and many get pre-qualified the same day they submit their application.

Our loans are varied to meet your needs. We offer some loans that require no payment for 90 days and pre-qualification for more buying power when you hit the showroom floor. If you are not sure which loan program is best, we’ve got the experts to help you choose the right loan.

Because we exist to serve our members, you’ll find that our auto loan rates can be as much as 2% lower than what you’ll find at a traditional bank. This means more money in your pocket every month.

After choosing your next car, we’ve got you covered for auto insurance, service warranties and even loan protection! We also offer DocuSign, which allows you to sign necessary documents electronically from the safety and comfort of home. United Heritage offers these services for true one-stop shopping for all of your auto needs.

We value you as a person, not just an account number. We’ve made sure that all of our team is empowered to deliver personalized, outstanding service. For more than 60 years, we’ve worked to make your banking experience easy, personalized and stress free. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your financial decisions!

Credit Union Auto Loans - More Than Just a Loan
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