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Upgrade to an EMV Chip Debit Card Today!

EMV Chip Debit Cards are available for United Heritage Credit Union members! Call our Telephone Service Center or stop by any full-service UHCU branch to upgrade your card today.

EMV cards, originally launched in September 2017 for United Heritage members, are standard-size debit cards that have a microchip embedded on the front of the cards in addition to the traditional magnetic strip on the back.

Also known as a smart card or chip card, an EMV card functions similarly to a traditional magnetic strip card but can be more secure if the point-of-sale transaction is processed on a machine with a microchip reader.

At point-of-sale when you use an EMV card on a machine with a microchip reader, a unique code for that transaction is generated. The unique code is used only once – for each transaction, a new code is generated – thus adding an extra layer of security for the cardholder.

All new UHCU VISA Debit Cards with EMV chips have new numbers, so when you upgrade your card, you will need to update any recurring charges or automated payments you have set up with your existing UHCU VISA Debit Card.

To upgrade to an EMV Chip Debit Card today, call our Telephone Service Center at 512.435.4545, 903.597.7484 or 800.531.2328, or stop by any full-service United Heritage branch location.

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