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Top 7 Things to Purchase in January

After the holiday rush, you’ll find retailers featuring heavy sales to clear out the previous year's inventory and to make room for new stock. January is a prime time to redecorate, refresh your wardrobe, and take advantage of slashed prices. This is a great time to pick up some great deals, and we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 items that are usually discounted in the New Year!Article Link

1. Televisions

This year, the Super Bowl isn’t scheduled until February, but you’ll find lots of great deals and discounts on televisions leading up to the big game day. You’ll most likely find the best deals on larger screens, so if you want to go bigger and better, January is the time to shop.

Typically, retailers discount up to 30% during the rush to the Super Bowl. Make sure you shop around for the best deals, with more people shopping online you may be able to avoid the hassle of transporting the new TV home and get it delivered instead. 

2. Bedding and other linens

"White Sales" hearken back to the days when bedding and linens were only available in white, so this annual event has a long history. Towels, bedding and pillows are generally where you’ll find the best deals. Some retailers are expanding their white sales to include other household items such as drapery and rugs, so it’s a great time to think about redecorating and adding some new shine to your living space.

3. Winter clothing

Retailers are closing out on their winter gear during January and are looking for room to stock new spring styles. January is a great time to find deals on coats, sweaters and other layering clothes. You may also find some discounts on other winter gear such as boots, gloves, hats and scarves. If you have children and room to store items, January is a prime time to buy larger sized clothing for the next year.

4. Holiday decor

Holiday decor was less available in 2020 than in the past, but there are still some leftovers that you’ll probably find at deep discounts. Gift wrap, boxes, Christmas trees and ornaments can be found for up to 75% off at many retailers. Stock up now on boxed holiday cards and lights for next year. You may also find that gift sets such as perfume or bath items that are packaged for holiday giving available for discounts. If you don’t mind repackaging, this is a great time to stock up for gifting later in the year.

5. Exercise equipment

The annual goal setting and weight loss commitments abound in January and retailers know that it’s the perfect time to discount home exercise equipment and workout gear. While gym equipment has been more difficult to purchase during the last year due to many people staying home, there are still deals to be found. You may also find deals on gym memberships and streaming exercise programs.

6. Flooring

Most flooring is purchased during the fall in preparation for the holiday season, so January tends to be slower for many flooring companies. If you’ve been considering a home update, January is an excellent time to consider buying new carpeting or tile. If you are in the market for new rugs, check out what flooring companies may have to offer during this time as well.

7. Jewelry

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many fine jewelers start their sales in January. If you’ve been waiting to splurge on something sparkly and shiny, January is the perfect time to check out jewelry stores for terrific deals!

 Top 7 Things to Purchase in January
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